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Photography Studio 


Here at Be Cool Studios, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service to ensure you enjoy your time with us. Our Photography studio consists of, but not limited to: 

  • PIXAPRO LUMI MKii 200 strobe flash x3 (with reflectors)​

  • PIXAPRO Daylite 60D MKii continous light (with reflectors)

  • Godox MS300 flash (with reflector)

  • PIXAPRO Snoot EF mount 

  • PIXAPRO 90cm & 120cm soft boxes (with grid)

  • PIXAPRO 160cm white umbrella (with softbox)

  • PIXAPRO 30CM X 120cm strip soft box with grid 

  • PIXAPRO Centry C-stand with wheels (x2)

  • Stainless Steel stand (x2)

  • Neewer 70cm collapsible beauty dish

  • Multiple backdrops & gels (1 inclusive with booking)

  • Set of digital radio triggers

  • Large make-up area counter with lights

  • Refreshment area with fridge and kettle

  • Changing area

  • Styling area with rail, steamer and clothes hangers

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