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Photography Studio 


Here at Be Cool Studios, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service to ensure you enjoy your time with us. Our Photography studio consists of, but not limited to: 

  • PIXAPRO LUMI MKii 200 strobe flash x3 (with reflectors)​

  • PIXAPRO Daylite 60D MKii continous light (with reflectors)

  • Godox MS300 flash (with reflector)

  • PIXAPRO Snoot EF mount 

  • PIXAPRO 90cm & 120cm soft boxes (with grid)

  • PIXAPRO 160cm white umbrella (with softbox)

  • PIXAPRO 30CM X 120cm strip soft box with grid 

  • PIXAPRO Centry C-stand with wheels (x2)

  • Stainless Steel stand (x2)

  • Neewer 70cm collapsible beauty dish

  • Multiple backdrops & gels (1 inclusive with booking)

  • Set of digital radio triggers

  • Large make-up area counter with lights

  • Refreshment area with fridge and kettle

  • Changing area

  • Styling area with rail, steamer and clothes hangers

Podcast Studio 

With our combination of lights, props and audio recording equipment, whether you want to record the next best podcast, IG reels, or TikTok content, we've got you covered. 

**Please be advised that our Podcast studio does not include cameras, audio/video editing services. It is a dry hire space inclusive of the above only**

Due to the aesthetic of the room, we operate a strict "no footwear on the rug" policy.

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